A Date with The Taj

Foreign visitors to Delhi, on a conference - almost always have the Taj Mahal amongst their wishlist of places to visit, time permitting. And rightly so too, for the "Taj" as it is popularly called, is one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

A testament of one man's love for his wife - the Taj reminds one and all of the eternal nature of love. For 22 years, thousands of craftsmen worked on the Taj Mahal and its intricate inlays, bas relief, and accents of precious and semiprecious stones. Centered on a dome-topped tomb, the structure features Islamic minarets, Persian and Hindu decorative touches, and a façade elaborately carved with prayers. The grace and grandeur of its perfection, its geometrical patterns and its well-appointed gardens make anyone who sees it - stop by and gaze in awe.

A Date With Taj FocusU
Taj Mahal

So, when a MNC organization that was having its worldwide meet in Delhi contacted us at FocusU, for a one day experience that included the Taj, we pulled out all stops to make it an experience for them to cherish!

The experience was flagged off from a 5 star hotel in Delhi, early in the morning at 7am. The team was split into smaller groups - who would not just get to see the Taj, but engage in some friendly competition while doing so! Teams gave themselves fancy names - like Badshahs, Moghuls, Shehenshahs and so on.... After some quick energizers at the hotel banquet room, the competition was truly on....

Participants quickly huddled into team buses which quickly whizzed away towards the JP Expressway. Inside the buses, once the teams had settled in, FocusU Facilitators got into the act - the journey to Agra by bus takes around 4 hours. Thanks to the series of mini challenges the teams had to negotiate together, they hardly realised time pass by.

By 11am, the group had reached the Taj. Since the ticketing was pre-arranged by FocusU, entry was a breeze. Inside the Taj, it was not just a guided tour - that would be too boring! Teams were handed photo quiz booklets - to which they had to "discover" the answers - by asking people, by interacting with the locals. The Taj hides many a story, that only get revealed when you go looking for them!

After 3 hours of a fascinating self-discovery, teams returned back to their buses. We now ushered them to the nearby Taj Gateway, where a sumptuous meal awaited them. The breezy verandahs of the 5 star hotel overlook the Taj Mahal & provide a perfect place to recharge & recoup after the awe-inspiring tour of the Taj.

The journey back from Agra was a time to catch up on one of the much loved facets of India - Bollywood movies. As people sank into their seats and got carried away by the Celluloid magic, the bus swiftly made its way back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel, the FocusU team quickly shared - not just some team pics and memorabilia from the Taj experience, but also revealed - to bated breath - the winners of the friendly competition, with loud cheers from the entire team.

What a day it had been. If it was just about visiting a monument, the same trip could have been drudgery. What made it special was the magic dust of camaraderie, fun, laughter, friendly competition, light chatter - and just the right proportion of Facilitation - neither too intrusive nor too aloof, that we at FocusU are so good at bringing in.

Do you want your team to have a date with the Taj too? Contact us today - we would be glad to make it happen for you!


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