5 Steps to Effective Induction Programs

5 Steps to Effective Induction Programs

Effective Induction Programs

Is your induction program only about filling forms and showing PowerPoint Presentations? Don’t you think that is dull and boring?

Time has seen every organisation planning and organising induction programs for their new hires. It’s been ages since companies worldwide began orienting their employees through business induction presentations, onboarding forms, documented job profiles, and contact information sharing as part of the onboarding process. In this constantly evolving world, change is required. These conventional induction processes, however monotonous, might still achieve its aim. We say organisations can transform their inductions by conducting more interactive and exciting sessions to pep up the new employees and begin their journey on an energising note.

How to effect this change

Transform your induction process to eliminate presentations and endless documentation and include games, activities, and other exciting elements. Strategise and plan your induction programs them in a manner that smoothens a recruit’s onboarding process. Use these steps to make your induction programs for new employees more effective:

Introduction to office premises

A unique way of doing this is organising a treasure hunt for the new hires. Letting them search the entire office premises for treasure items can help acquaint them with various sections of the workplace in a fun way, eliminating the awkward feeling of being in a new office.

Introduction to leaders and co-workers

Assign a buddy. Let that buddy introduce the new employee to company leaders and co-workers. The buddy can also act as initial contact for solving new job queries. Arrange a lunch or snack time get together to help the new members get comfortable with the team and gel with teammates.

Introduction to job role and responsibilities

Try to go digital. You could opt for providing digital forms to new hires to ease the process of filling them. Additionally, it is essential to train them and prepare them for new job roles. For this, you could provide orientation by team managers and profile-related authorities. Moreover, training them through activities like role-play and simulations can help them understand their profile better.

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Introduction to organisation values and ethics

An organisation that follows values and principles undoubtedly stands out from the crowd. Introducing the newbies to company morals and ethics can help them speak the company language from day one and imbibe those values in their daily lives. Organise games and activities to help the recruits absorb this through experiential learning.

Introduction to work culture

You should familiarise the new member with organisation work culture. Explain the different procedures and policies of the company. Brief the employee on company HR policies regarding salary, attendance, leaves and other such essentials. Another significant element is to bring to light the company’s vision and mission. Your new employees should be able to align their goals with the organisation’s to achieve both in tandem and help the business grow.

Following a planned induction process will help you achieve the goals given below:

  • Create a positive work atmosphere
  • Instill a feeling of belonging and increasing comfort
  • Address new job concerns and queries
  • Inculcate organisation values and principles
  • Impart knowledge of the company, its business, procedures, and policies

An induction is the first impression a company makes on its new employees. You should ensure that this impression is worth praise. Make your induction programs more interactive so that they are more effective. Encourage questions and build conversations to make the recruits feel comfortable. Use positive language, incorporate visuals, organise games and activities and include other such stimulating elements as a part of your new induction process.

Take your new employees to new heights of work and fun through new induction programs. Start today!